Year 10 Work Experience Program

Deakin’s School of Communication and Creative Arts have developed a hands-on work experience program for Year 10 students interested in a career in the creative industries.

The week long program is centred around a series of interactive workshops within our state-of-the-art facilities.

Under the direction of Deakin staff and students, participants will undertake the following:

  • create a rotoscope sequence using 2D animation techniques
  • explore the creative use of digital technology in virtual and augmented reality
  • learn how to work with green-screen technologies to shoot media for VFX production
  • participate in a Design Thinking exercise, focusing on team work and idea generation
    develop and create your own brand for your portfolio

Program currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

An insiders perspective
Hear from Jesse Williams, Deakin’s Screen and Design Work Experience Coordinator

Deakin’s hands-on Screen and Design Work Experience Program for year 10 students interested in the creative industries is right around the corner. The week long program teaches students to create 2D animations, explore virtual and augmented reality, learn about VFX productions, participate in design thinking exercises and develop a portfolio and brand.

“It’s motivational to see the students work so hard and learn so much in one week” says Deakin Student Ambassador Jesse Williams, who works as coordinator for the week. He helps the students and staff with the many different tasks and workshops offered throughout the program, acting as a mentor for the students.

Jesse first coordinated the program as a 2nd year student and is excited to be able to help out again. “They’re learning something they don’t know, with new classes and new lecturers every day. They need a point of reference or contact” says Jesse. “By the first day I know all their names, by the end of the week I know them all personally.”

The program shows students the benefits of pursuing university studies in a creative field and enables them to get a head start. As a high school student, Jesse wondered if he should go to university, having this program available would have given him a solid foundation in design and shown him the advantages of university. “You really see what’s valuable about going to uni” says Jesse, “during this week they learned more than I learned in half a year. By the end of the week they had the skills and knowledge about what they could do at uni.”

The students attending the program were impressive.“I was stunned by how quickly they were able to pick up new skills,” he says, crediting their success to their positive attitudes. “If everyone else is doing amazing, everyone wants to be there, and everyone is pushing each other to do better, you learn more.”

Jesse hopes the students will “Be enthusiastic and passionate and excited about what they want to do,” he says, “I want them to have that personal experience. 24/7 that I’m there I’m trying to make it as positive as possible. I want them to know that it’s a viable option. If they try as hard as they do this week the rest of the year, they’ll already be ahead for uni.”

As a Graphic design student, Jesse has also had many other incredible experiences through Deakin, from completing a Japanese screen study tour, to creating connections in his classrooms with students and staff alike, to coordinating the Design graduate showcase Co.lab18. For him, graphic design is the perfect career. “You can be creative and make a career out of it. In maths and such there’s only one answer, I like being able to make up your own stuff” says Jesse, “Graphic design is so broad there’s so much you can do and I really enjoy the flexibility of it.”

Deakin has helped Jesse in his career path. With smaller interactive class sizes, clear and flexible degree pathways, and passionate teachers who are always willing to help, Jesse has found a home at Deakin. Coordinating the Screen and Design Work Experience Program lets Jesse pass on his passion and excitement for the creative industries.

Story by: Dev Nelson, Arts and Education Marketing intern, Journalism exchange student

Stay tuned for future work experience program dates.