Spicon is an all Australian company that designs & manufactures a wide range of high-end illuminated signage for a wide range of applications and has been active in the signage industry for over 25 years as a driving force with innovative ideas and custom illuminated signage solutions. With strict demands of the Australian sign & display markets, Spicon stands out for providing perfectly even and bright backlit illumination for any type of advertising or application required.

Bravo specialises in custom fabric printed products and hardware designed and manufactured right here in Australia. Our customers range from visual merchandisers, retail installations, shop-fitters, interior designers, exhibition stand suppliers and event companies just to name a few. Our products are vast and can be tailored to suit any application including fabric walls and frames, overhead banners, light-boxes, partitions, flags and much, much more.

Linear Matrix has over 25 years’ experience in the lighting industry, we have the expertise to provide you with the best advice & practices for all backlighting requirements, from the small to the most complex projects. Linear Matrix can take your project and ideas, from your design to concept, and to the final installation, providing your clients with the latest innovative LED backlighting technology that leads the way.